Register now for the SIOL Cup 2024

You can already register for SIOL Cup 2024, but the conditions/criteria have to be determined. As soon as they are known, they will be published here.

Register via the form to the SIOL Cup 2024 and we will contact you as soon as possible on the possibilities, the availability and other business around your registration. The tournament is on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 June 2024.

Because a lot of teams want to attend this free international tournament, we created criteria to assign teams to the SIOL Cup tournament. These criteria are:

  • The 4 teams who want to prolong their title will always be assigned; 
  • The assignment will take into account the number of Dutch teams and foreign country teams. The ratio used is (Dutch/foreign country):
    • U9 : 10/5
    • U11 : 13 / 7
    • U13 : 10/ 8
    • U15 : 10 / 8
    • Note: depending on the number of spots we can use;
  • Recurring teams have advantage on new teams;
  • For all age categories applies a maximum of two teams from the same club, except for vv SIOL as this is the organizing club;
  • When equality on the rules above, then also the moment of registration will be looked at.

Note: the tournament organisation of the SIOL Cup has always the ability to deviate from the rules above, if this is considered best for the tournament.

The first confirmations will be send in the first week of December. Some foreign country teams will receive earlier a notification because of for example booking their flight tickets.

If an age category is not full, or cancellations occur, then the tournament organisation will search for new teams in the first week of a month to fill an age category. The criteria above can be neglected by the organisation.

When your registration is confirmed, then you will receive an email with a questionnaire. When filled in by you then you can send it back to