For many years now, vv SIOL, as the organizing club, is organizing this international children’s soccer tournament. From 2012 to 2019, the tournament was known as the Aviko Cup. And from 2020 this tournament is called SIOL Cup.

After the resignation of one of the founders of the tournament, i.e. Willy Nielen, a group of motivated youngsters of vv SIOL volunteered to accept the challenge to continue the organization of this tournament. They are a strong team with complementary competencies contributing to the success of this tournament year after year. However, during the past few years the scope of the tournament slightly changed, from a one-day to a two-day event, including sleepovers and even a campground, providing an opportunity for many national and international teams to compete in our tournament and enjoy the additional activities. As a result, teams from all over Europe, Germany, Belgium, England and France now compete in our tournament; making it a true international event.


  • Antoine Nas (Chairman Tournament Committee)
  • Howha May (Secretarial/competion office, emergency coordinator and point of contact for the participants SIOL Cup)
  • Leo Pooth (Secretarial)
  • Roland Cremers (Sponsorship and camping)
  • Paul Broeren (Catering, volunteer coordinator and general affairs)
  • Otto Haffenscheid (Camping and Material)
  • Leon Josemanders (Secretarial)
  • Romano Holtmeulen (Camping)
  • Geert van Raaij (Evacuees, emergency and first aid)
  • Mark Verbakel (Catering and general affairs)
  • Demi Hokke (Volunteers and Secretarial)
  • Anne Vos (Communication und technical affairs)


Furthermore, during the SIOL Cup more than 100 volunteers are mostly active behind the scenes. Without these people it would certainly not be possible to organize this magnificent tournament.