The SIOL Cup is an international junior soccer tournament lasting two days each year. In addition to competitiveness, fun is key during this very tournament. To put emphasis on ‘fun’, during the weekend, a small senior soccer event and a disco even will be organized on Friday and on Saturday evening and night. During the evening, well known DJ’s and artist(s) complete the fun providing us with great music and performances.



We ask no entrance fee to compete in our tournament (it’s Free!!). Only, for teams that decide to sleep over and use our campground, they need to pay a small fee of €100,00 per camping site covering for the increased expenses for the organizing committee. These fees are not for teams who rent a tent from the organisation.

All campground guests are issued a band upon arrival. It is compulsory to wear it! When not wearing the band you can be removed from the campsite. This applies to players/escorts and supporters who stay overnight at one of the campsites on the sports park. Any additional person outside the indicated players/escorts who stay overnight can get a band at the secretariat on the stage wagon for €10,- per person.


‘Sleep over’

Like every year it’s possible to spend the night at our sport accomodation. Whenever you decide to do this, you should send a request email to the organizing committee of the SIOL Cup tournament. However, you will still need to bring your own equipment, e.g. tents, camper, sleeping bag, air matrasses etc. As such, we do not provide sleeping equipment; you can only rent a place to stay. One could deliberate with the organizing committee to rent a tent (size 4×4 meters, 4×5 meters or 5×5 meters). These tents, however, also lack sleeping equipment. Moreover, we do have some (tight) rules on our “camping”. At all times you need to comply with these rules. In case of inconvenience/ nuisance, or costs, we will recount potential costs to the particular soccer club.



During previous years, everyone sleeping over had the opportunity to enjoy a meal. Unfortunately, however, we are no longer able to arrange this, and as such you need to take care of your own meals during your stay. We needed to take this decision, because it costs us, the organizing committee, too much time to arrange everything for providing a decent meal. As a substitute, we still can provide you (at costs) buns with ham and cheese, and milk. Additionally, you can always order food from the BBQ, or something from the cafeteria (at costs), like you are accustomed to. On the other hand, you are obviously also allowed to bring your own food and/ or groceries, or arrange your own BBQ.

500 Meters walking distance from the pitch there is a supermarkt (Lidl). We can mediate in arranging for a fully equippedbarbeque at a local butcher for a discount price.



During nightly hours, we hired professional security to look after your and our safety.


Parking places

At vv SIOL there are sufficient parking lots for all cars. During the night, it’s not allowed to have your car parked near the tent, so you will have to use the reserved parking lots instead.